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SBLM is comprised of five studios created to offer our clients a deep and familiar knowledge base in each area of architectural practice.

Joshua Burdick, AIA


"My passion lies in creating environments that encourage memorable experiences by merging market trends, design innovation, cultural sensitivity and fundamental planning techniques to reflect a client's vision."

It was inevitable that Josh's professional future was meant to be exactly what it is; designer, an architect, a leader. How do we know? Here is the direct quote from his kindergarten report card: "Joshua likes to play with blocks and has a keen interest in drawing. He likes dramatic play and assumes a leadership role in class. Joshua will be successful in 1st grade." His teacher's words were prophetic. Josh is a true authority in mixed-use development, in creating complex and iconic projects. With a unique ability to skillfully hand draw concepts, he creates intricate development solutions, rapidly adapting to clients' needs and visions. As SBLM's founding partner, Josh has devoted his career to designing engaging enviornments where people want to spend time and that reflect both the developer's vision and the dynamics of culture and community.

David Nicholson, AIA


"As far back as I can remember, observing a building born and raised, from the ground-up, thrilled me. There was never a time in my life that I didn't want to be a part of the architectural world, working alongside the designers, thinkers and dreamers that make our built environment a reality."

Dave Nicholson has spent over 25 years dedicated to the development, design and construction of large and multifaceted office, residential, and hospitality projects. He has developed efficient processes and strong relationships with jurisdictional agencies through his experience managing and delivering millions of square feet across project types. Throughout these complex projects, his clients know that he will deliver his best work while also enabling his team members to do the same. That is the trait of someone who has spent many years building connections with clients, partners, and colleagues, as well as mentoring new generations of architects.

George Fanous, AIA, LEED AP


"I can't recall a time when I wasn't passionate about observing construction projects and drawing sketches. My curiosity about building materials and my passion to draw drove me to be an architect. The process of planning, designing, and constructing is an art form within itself. Architecture plays an important role for future generations to witness our cultural achievements."

Driving his approach as a principal for SBLM, George ensures that every detail of the project budget and schedule is on track throughout the project lifecycle, while keeping his clients' goals at the forefront of every decision. He possesses a wide range of experience and insight thanks to his work across residential, institutional, mixed-use, and retail markets. In the face of complexity, he is unflappable and has a unique ability to lead teams to get to the heart of the matter. He brings his collective expertise in site and building design, land use approvals, design development, procurement, and contract administration to guide project stakeholders through complex processes.

John Kelly, AIA, LEED AP


"An honest design communicates solely the functions and values it offers. It does not attempt to manipulate users with promises it cannot keep." - Dieter Rams

With more than 20+ years of experience in architecture, John provides planning and design leadership with the firm's educational, government, and civic projects. He is a strong advocate for smart and sustainable design strategies that work to capture the culture of an academic campus. His dedication to bringing enthusiasm and energy to faculty and staff has helped to elicit unique programmatic distinctions, whether constructing an all-new structure or weaving complex additions and renovation work. Conscious of the impact of good design on the livability of our cities and neighborhoods, John is committed to the adaptive reuse of existing buildings and the development of creative new construction. He works closely with each project team, leading the project from initial concept through to construction.

Michael LeFande, AIA


"Our mission, as architects, is to enhance the built environment. I'm inspired by being in the position to make a real difference in the world through design. Effective design results in beauty, practicality and value. A truly successful project exceeds the expectations of all stakeholders. As a leader in the firm, I strive to foster an environment of enthusiastic collaboration and motivation among all team members, translating to remarkable projects and professional satisfaction."

For more than 30 years, Michael has directed numerous building programs, developing design and building standards for retail and developer clients which has shaped his unique understanding of the critical needs and decision-drivers for both types of businesses. As the leader of SBLM's retail design practice, Michael has designed store prototypes and managed rollout programs for many of today's largest and most successful retailers. His projects have included site development, ground-up buildings, adaptive re-use, tenant fit-outs, renovations, and remodels. Michael's deep experience in design, branding, and construction allows him to build effective relationships with the wide variety of stakeholders required to create successful retail environments around the country.

Jeffrey Hill, AIA


"Developing and maintaining strong client relationships is what energizes me on a daily basis. A typical day's work for me involves overseeing multiple projects for multiple clients through all phases of business development, client and project management, design, production and construction administration services for the projects I work on. Being an Architect is a defining aspect of who I am; not just what I do for a living."

Jeffrey has 33 years working on a multitude of projects that involve developing and maintaining strong client relationships in the Educational, Retail, Entertainment and Hospitality sectors. Jeffrey regularly manages a large volume and variety of projects for numerous clients. He navigates all phases of business development, client and project management, design, production and construction administration services.

James Cohen


"Through 30 years of practicing architecture, my role at SBLM has evolved to leading a team of talented professionals to understand and provide creative solutions to complex building problems with ingenuity, pragmatism, perspicacity and resourceful design. My personal interest is solving the most complicated of these problems."

Jim is the Principal of the firm's Miami office. He directs and manages a vast range of the firm's projects for government, educational, retail, dining, and entertainment industries. Jim is a Managing Partner of SBLM Architects. His expertise in business and management is a strong contributing factor in establishing throughout the Sunbelt. Jim believes that a vision can't become a reality without the right people, the right strategies, and the right commitment to execution and excellence.

Edward Bredow, AIA, LEED AP


"My approach to a project begins first with careful listening to a client's vision and goals in order to develop a strategy that results in an imaginative and effective solution. When it comes to buildings of education, my number one goal is to design an innovative and creative learning environment that benefits the students, teachers and community as a whole."

Having devoted his 30+ year architectural career primarily to K-12 and higher education facility design, Ed's knowledge about designing learning environments is impressive. His approach starts with the client's educational program and getting to the root of the client's goals for curriculum and instruction. As a Principal with SBLM, leading the firm's Education Department, he manages some of SBLM's most complex projects including the firm's new, ground-up schools contracts for the New York City School Construction Authority (NYCSCA).

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