About SBLM

Balance Partner Design Drive
An introduction into how SBLM works

Our Approach

SBLM Architects uses a “Hands On” management approach to the firm’s projects. A Principal of the firm is in charge of every project from its onset and continues oversight throughout project execution. The Principal’s role is to lead the project and make certain all the Client’s objectives are clearly outlined, understood and met. The Principal establishes the design initiative and monitors the project schedule and budget. This “Hands On” approach assures our Clients that their projects stay on target and that the program objectives, criteria, budget parameters and pre-determined schedules are met.

The Project Team, led and assembled by the Principal consists of the back-up Principal, a Project Architect, an experienced Project Manager, qualified staff members and appropriate Consultants. During project development phases, the SBLM Director of Quality Control reviews the progress sets of construction documents and weighs in on issues related to regulatory oversight interpretations, design, and constructability. The SBLM Specifications Writer is the knowledgeable reference for the appropriate applications and the reliability of materials selected, and for the conformance to CSI specifications.

SBLM's approach

Every Friday, SBLM Principals and Project Managers attend a meeting to review the workload for the following week and confirm staff assignments. The Principals use this forum to learn more about how staff members are performing and, if necessary, make adjustments on a Project Team.

We are committed to the professional growth and continuing education of our employees. Every Wednesday, qualified AIA accredited instructors conduct on-going seminars. Every other Thursday, a senior member of SBLM’s staff holds a “Lessons Learned” seminar where a project is lively critiqued at a critical point in its evolution. All staff members are encouraged to attend both the Wednesday and Thursday sessions.

Supporting this management approach is our open plan office format, which encourages a collaborative working environment. Various meeting tables throughout the office provide space for designs, samples, and drawings to be laid out and easily reviewed by the Project Team. In addition, our internal file document sharing system and FTP site allows for easy access to project information.

Office tasks

Our Clients know that we are flexible and responsive and we are secure in the knowledge that our performance is regularly evaluated. The spirit in the SBLM office is Client driven; our goal is always to be dedicated and reliable partners with each of our Clients.